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Aw and here’s a cute little picture of my man and I

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It’s my bi annual update..

Jussst kidding.

But I happen to be on tumblr so I thought I’d give the few people who CARE a little update, I guess. Ummm, my life is better than ever. Senior year has been my favorite year of high school thus far. Probably because I’ve made so many friends and I’m actually outgoing now, so yeah that’s pretty exciting.

Some people know me well enough to know I had a boyfriend and went through a horrible break up on February 14th. That’s right, y’all. Fuckin’ Valentine’s Day I got my sorry ass dumped.

So I was in a rut until March-ish. Just the beginning of my soccer season, during spring break, I went to a party. And this guy I had my eye on ended up showing up. Long story short we made out the entire night and after a month of sleep overs ;) ;) we were dating. And it was our 6 months in October!

My boyfriend is literally my best friend. Him and his friends are my favorite people in the world and I feel like I’ve finally found an atmosphere I belong in yay.

Also a lot of you knew about my opportunity to play futbol internationally! It happened and the team I was one won 3rd behind Italy and Sweden? Experience of a life time and my second trip to Italy!

But now it’s time for my basketball season (that’s right, I’ve gotten back into that omg). Not a real, super serious team. Just for fun.

Other than that, it’s my birthday today! And I get to celebrate all week with all my favorite people.


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Anonymous said: oh heeeey you're back! (yes?) not much has changed except the uswnt fandom has grown and its fangirls are crazier lol

Idk I’d so get back into it if I wasn’t so damn busy and I don’t know how the fuck to work this website anymore. Last time I was legitimately blogging was two years ago. So it’s been a while lol

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I don’t even know how to use tumblr anymore

where the fuck am I lol

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Anonymous said: OMG YOU'RE BACK?!

Haha probably not! I just come on once in a while to say hi to people! Maybe I’ll make a comeback this year?

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passionate-not-obsessed said: What position do you play in soccer?

Left wanggg.

Omg I wonder how long ago this was asked

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Anonymous said: I know you don't get on much anymore but I miss you

Oh, sweets. I miss everyone on here. Sadly my time and interest are lacking. :( Why anon tho?

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Hi followers that are still hanging around. I’m still alive and shit lol.

I had winter formal last night. That’s what the picture is from. I have finals Tuesday through Thursday then a long weekend of sibling bonding. Other than that I’m starting to prepare for the soccer season (which is spring in wisco) and especially preparing for when I play internationally! That’s all. That’s it. That’s my life.

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U.S. Women's Soccer: Fore!!! (Old U.S. WNT blog post)

This afternoon Carli Lloyd and Tobin Heath decided to play a bit of golf. Lloyd is perhaps the best golfer currently on the National Team (her boyfriend is a golf pro), but Heath is still learning the game, which became apparent when she struck a ball over the fence and over the side of the…

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@jloyden: Everyday just to make you proud. #london2012 #alwayswithmeBL  Jill, why do you have to make me cry?

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Double Standards :D

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